Let's have a bit of fun as we look at the differences in improvements that can be made by those on a team, and the environment in which those people have to work!

Systems Thinking requires us to look holistically to understand the linkages and interactions between the elements and components that make up a defined system.

The Ball Point Game is an interactive & participatory activity, which will expose the impacts & start the conversation! If you've heard the terms "common cause", "special cause", "theory of constraints", "local optimization", or "system optimization", but always wondered exactly what those are, and how they impact your work, this is the session for you!

Once we start looking at ways to deliver value to our customers through the Systems Thinking lens, an entirely new world of possibilities will be exposed, giving us the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in what we deliver, and more importantly, how we deliver!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Intro to the activity

Activity (multiple rounds)

Debrief of the activity

Intro to Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking illustrated in the activity

Debrief of the activity with a different lens


Learning Outcome

An introduction to the foundations of systems thinking, and approaching the work being done by teams.

Target Audience

This is an ideal workshop for anyone and everyone to push their thinking beyond "fixing the delivery team"

Prerequisites for Attendees

Just come with an open mind, a willingness to explore, and a desire to participate in a physical activity!


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