Real Life Self-Organizing Teams

So we want to create self-organizing teams. But what does this really mean? People do whatever they want? How does this work at scale? This session will leverage real scenarios from multiple organizations to engage the collective intelligence of the room to help figure out where we may want to “draw the line”


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Leverage the first 10 mins for introduction – state learning objectives – the primary facilitation objective is to establish “why do I care?” for all attendees

  • The “meat” of the session (~30 mins) is facilitated as follows:

Display a scenario on the screen from real-life things I have experienced or I have heard (and most people probably also have)

Ask the group to “vote” on if the scenario seems appropriate – I use red/green paddles

I see if there is a trend – but then ask for a volunteer to make a case for their vote

Finally, I ask if there could be qualifications added to the scenario to possibly change their vote

  • The final 5-10 mins is used to summarize and evaluate the session

“Did anyone have an ‘ah-ha’ moment during the voting and discussion?” – please share

Finally – use your paddles one last time – was this a worthwhile use of 60 mins of your life?

I will also provide a handout of additional resources to learn more

Learning Outcome

Using real-life examples of various scenarios

Learn when self-organization is appropriate and where sometimes we all just need to follow the “rules”

Understand how to articulate and navigate the continuum from a “cowboy-shop” where people do whatever they want to deep command and control

Target Audience

Anyone - Especially Executives, Leaders, Scrum Masters.....etc

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