Defend Your Den: What being a Detroit Lions fan has taught us about Agility (and life)

Growing up in Michigan, we had no choice but to cheer for the Detroit Lions. Although it’s been a long, mostly frustrating road through fandom, we’ve managed to glean some important lessons about Agility from our lovable losers. Join us to learn about “Defending your Den” - the top 10 things that being a Detroit Lions fan has taught us about being Agile. We are pretty excited to share it with you, because this is going to be their year!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This will be structured as a "Top 10" list, similar in style to David Letterman, and we'll go into 3-5 minutes of detail (presentation and interactive discussion) for each.

Top 10 Things that Being a Detroit Lions fan has taught us about Agility (and life):

  1. You will lose sometimes
  2. Sometimes a coaching change (perspective change) makes all the difference
  3. No matter how great your team's outlook is, you will lose sometimes
  4. Aggressive metaphors are a coach’s best friend!
  5. Traditions build culture, and not all culture is good culture
  6. You will lose sometimes
  7. Sometimes your sister-teams will get the glory - but you’ll still celebrate each other’s wins because we’re all playing for the same city
  8. "This is going to be their year" - continue to believe that you'll be successful, relentlessly pursue improvement. Even if you lose sometimes, you just learn from it and try to do better next time
  9. Welcome the critics - feedback and constructive criticism will only make you stronger
  10. Defend your den - Above all else, the team needs to stick together and believe in their ability to learn, improve, and succeed

Learning Outcome

We'd like people to come out of this talk with a different perspective than they came in with. One of the greatest assets in a coach's toolbox is the ability to spin engaging and out-of-the-box metaphors, so we'd like to present our own out-of-the-box metaphor that will get people thinking. They'll learn something about Agile, but they'll also learn something about Coaching.

Target Audience

This talk is targeted at anyone! Whether you've been Agile for awhile or are just getting into it, we'll have unique perspectives to offer.

Prerequisites for Attendees

There is nothing specific that attendees need to bring other than an open mind!

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