Coming Home From Summer Camp: Being Agile at Allstate

We have all heard stories of Agile transformations at large companies that fail due to size, scale, and tradition. So is it even worth trying to implement Agile at large corporations? Chad shares stories from his time as a change catalyst within Allstate's CompoZed labs in an effort to help others avoid and remedy common pitfalls when bringing Agile concepts to a traditional organization. In doing so, he shows that this type of transformation is possible!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Many corporations are beginning (and struggling) with this transition as the Agile concepts often create waves within. This leads many transformation attempts to fail, or become so unrecognizable that they can't really be called 'Agile' anymore. These real-life encounters are true stumbling blocks, but they can be overcome if handled in the proper manner.

  • Empowered Product Teams
  • It's Not Summer Camp Anymore
  • Applying Agile Concepts to the Team Itself

Learning Outcome

An understanding of some common pitfalls that may hinder or destroy Agile initiatives at large companies and how to avoid and remediate them.

Target Audience

Those working within Agile initiatives at large companies


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