“The Agile Sixth Sense – We See Waste”

Waste – any work or effort that does not deliver customer value – haunts every organization. In this presentation, we will investigate this paranormal world of waste, learn to see it and act to eliminate it. It is easy to get caught up in our work and day to day activities such that we miss the signs of waste around us. Agile is in our DNA and as Agile Coaches and Consultants, we’ve learned how to identify the ghosts of waste that many do not recognize. Come join us to explore how we can improve our ability to run more effective meetings and ceremonies, make work visible, incorporate the use of data and metrics for improvement and execute retrospectives to address and reduce waste.

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the movie "The Sixth Sense". The presentation will incorporate some of the thrilling plot of the movie into the outline of this fun, but meaningful presentation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction and Sharp from "The Sixth Sense" - I see dead people...
  • Reducing waste in meetings - a look back at Jean Tabaka's "Collaboration Explained" and how we apply it today's challenges.
  • The value of making WIP Visible and the waste that comes with WIP.
  • The use of data and metrics for improvements and identifying which are wasteful.
  • The power of retrospectives and avoiding waste with continuous improvement.
  • Closing - The Spoiler!

Learning Outcome

Top 3 Presentation takeaways that attendees will gain?:

  1. How to reduce waste in meetings through powerful preparation, facilitation and follow-up.
  2. Why making WIP (Work In Process) helps reduce waste and the use of data and metrics for improvements.
  3. How retrospectives can help identify and focus on more practical continuous improvements.

Target Audience

Those interested in identifying and elimiating waste in their organization

Prerequisites for Attendees



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