As agile teams take over the software development world, the role of release managers--often seen as the keepers of waterfall gateways--can become marginalized. This presentation will discuss how release management can not only remain an important factor of agile teams, but also become a driving force in the rapid delivery of content on the way to achieving CI/CD. Using a real world example of a team that recently transitioned from a monthly release process to an on-demand release model, concepts such as release pipelines and testing will be discussed from an agile perspective.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. 'Traditional' (Waterfall) Release Management (10 min.)
    1. View of Role
    2. Responsibilities
    3. Deliverables -- What do waterfall release managers produce?
  2. Agile Release Management (15 min.)
    1. What assumptions about release management need to change in an agile team?
    2. How do a release manager's duties change in an agile team?
    3. How can release management deliverables evolve to support more frequent, smaller releases?
  3. Case Study (25 min.)
    1. Depiction of release management under waterfall process
    2. Depiction of release management after one year of agile
      1. Data comparison from 2017 to 2018
      2. Release process comparison from 2017 to 2018
      3. Challenges faced
    3. Plans for future changes to the process
      1. How can the team continue to strive toward CI/CD?
      2. Will Release Management ever not be needed?
  4. Questions (10 min.)

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn about how release management can/should change in teams adopting agile methodologies. They will also learn how to become drivers of these changes, so that the release manager can be a benefit rather than a detriment to the team.

Target Audience

Release managers, especially those working with teams who recently transitioned to agile.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees should have a basic grasp of the release management role and what it entails.

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