Agile Coach Activity Pack - Experience and Learn Through Three Simulations

Attention coaches, Scrum Masters, and facilitators - this session is for YOU! Come get hands-on experience with a variety of activities that you can use to help people understand the power of Agile methods. You will experience these activities, and you’ll come away with the ability to conduct them and debrief them as well.

When working with people who are new to Agile it is important to engage them in the experience. Talking about the wonders of collaboration and communication rarely changes anyone’s mind, but having them experience the value of rapid feedback, creative communication techniques, and collaborating as a team can help them see new opportunities for application in their day to day work.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This session will consist of executing each of three sessions, and then debriefing each. Included in the debrief will be reflection on the way the debrief was conducted to generate valuable insights. Each simulation will be roughly an hour in duration.

55 min. - Marshmallow Challenge

5 - Introduction to the rules of the simulation.

20 - Activity by participants to complete the challenge

30 - Debrief and information about how the debrief was conducted.

10 min. - Nature Break

We can coordinate the timing with any conference plans for a scheduled snack/beverage break.

60 min. - Legos Workshops

10 - Introduction to Legos, metaphor, and visual/tactile experiences

40 - Four iterations of build-share-reflect cycle in small groups

10 - Debrief on using Legos for team building, creative problem solving, and enhanced recall of shared experience

55 min. - Ball Point Game

10 - Introduction to the simulation

15 - Conduct multiple iterations of the simulation

30 - Debrief on the completed activity

Attendees will receive handouts for them to take with them that include information about each activity.

Learning Outcome

Participants will leave this workshop having achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • Facilitate the Marshmallow Challenge in your own work place to explore teamwork, prototyping, iterating, challenging assumptions
  • Lead the Ball Point Game to explore iterative delivery and continuous improvement
  • Use Lego Serious Play for team retrospectives and exploration
  • Identify the key steps for conducting an effective debrief
  • Describe the value of game play in effective learning

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Facilitators

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prior knowledge is required.



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