Vision, focus and simplicity.

In order to build good software, teams (and businesses) need to have a laser focus on all three of these items.

If we do not start with a solid vision from the product owner/sponsor, it is virtually impossible to keep the effort focused on building only the needs of the customer. If we do not have focus on what is needed, scope creep or feature bloat tend to set in impacting our ROI.

Whether you are focusing on a minimum viable product, minimum viable prototype, or a minimally viable package of code; leveraging the a few simple principles allows teams to keep things simple, meet the vision and needs of the customer, while building in smaller batch sizes.

In this presentation we will review case studies, hands on exercises and real-life examples to cover some simple techniques to lock in a vision, focus on customer needs and drive to a simple MVP.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Intro (lecture)

Setting the vision

  • Video
  • Case Studies


  • Examples/Case Study
  • Lecture

Specification Fails

  • Birthday cake failures

Traditional Requirements Exercises (hands on)

Focus on the USer

  • Examples
  • Case Study


Learning Outcome

The challenge I will be addressing in my talk is (my observation) the struggle of agile teams focusing on delivering a product properly addressing the needs of the users/customers. Too many teams jump into building against a backlog with poor support and vision from the product owner and end up building a feature bloated product that is closer to forklift "waterfall" builds than what is intended in agile practices.

The ultimate goal/Outcome of this talk is to impress the need to start with solid product vision, focus on user need, then develop a minimum viable product. From there, you can evolve the product based on market or user feedback.

Target Audience

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Exectutives

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of agile software development and a good sense of humor.

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