EventStorming - Collaborative Modeling for Complex Domains

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EventStorming enables a team struggling with understanding and exploring a complex business problem to model that problem collaboratively in hours instead of weeks. In this talk you’ll learn how this technique quickly generates shared understanding and insights into how the software can, and should, support the business capability being explored.

In EventStorming, development team members and business people gather in a room and together they create a visual map of the flow of events - important things that happen - through concrete business examples. They use sticky notes to map out a story of how the software system behaves, or should behave, given a particular business problem to solve. This session will teach you the rules of EventStorming and how it can help your team cultivate shared understanding and be more productive.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The challenges of shared understanding in complex domains

Collaborative business process modeling using EventStorming

Hands-on EventStorming

  • What are domain events?
  • Modeling events on a timeline
  • Identifying and modeling hot spots
  • Modeling actors and read models

Connecting EventStorming to event-driven architecture

Applying EventStorming in your team context

Learning Outcome

The learning outcomes for this hands-on session are:

  1. Explain what domain events are and give examples
  2. Describe the difference between EventStorming and User Story Mapping
  3. Practice using EventStorming to model a business process collaboratively with events, hot spots, actors, and read models
  4. Explain ways that EventStorming helps model a distributed, event-based system
  5. List several facilitation tips for running an EventStorming workshop

Target Audience

All team members - developers, product, ux, ba's, architects, etc.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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