You are in the midst of an Agile transformation. The teams are doing OK, but not quite what had been hoped for. Leaders are not sure how to respond. You may be missing a key part of the Agile Transformation equation. It’s the element most often overlooked. The Agile Manifesto begins with people over process, yet most Agile initiatives focus on implementing a particular process or methodology. The people involved in the transformation get overlooked leading to frustrated, disengaged team members that are not performing at their best. Discover proven mechanisms for increasing team member engagement, improving collaboration and communication, and growing work joy. These outcomes will lead to improved results, all while staying true to Agile principles.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduce the Agile Transformation Equation
  • Explore where many transformations fall short
  • Discover the value of using CliftonStrengths with teams
  • Learn mechanisms for incorporating CliftonStrengths, including practical tools to be used immediately
  • Have fun along the way!

Learning Outcome

  • Learn the Agile Transformation Equation
  • Understand the importance of focusing people
  • Discover practical tools to increase employee engagement, improve collaboration and communication
  • Explore how to bring Strengths into Agile team discussions

Target Audience

Decision-makers, Leaders, Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

They have an Agile Transformation in process or are about to begin one.

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