Listening is a key skill regardless of job title. It's critical to hone your listening skills both at work and in your personal life. Yet we can become too busy to pay attention to how well we are or are not listening to others. This session takes participants back to the basics of listening, as well as provides cutting edge techniques that can be applied immediately. Want to improve your listening mojo? If so, then this session is for you!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Review the importance of listening well and what happens when you don't
  • Introduce levels of listening
  • Explore 4 listening tips
  • Practice listening and being listened to
  • Have fun along the way!

Learning Outcome

  • Learn 4 Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills
  • Experience the benefits when someone really listens to you
  • Leave with the confidence to use these tips anywhere you need to listen

Target Audience

Coaches, Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees



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