Ecosystem Intelligence: Playing Ahead of the Game

Business Anthropologist shares how to employ the social brain together with greater appreciation of ecosystems. She explains why both are required for Business Agility: a state of high performance rare in most business environments. She leads participants in exercises that extend people's smarts by recruiting the social brain.

Weaving stories, science and exercises, Marsha will share what she has learned over decades in the trenches with forward-thinking leaders. The Workshop will move through Agile Warm-ups and BrainMovez woven with small group exercises focused on current value exchanges, and a leading metric that tracks increasing agility.

Participants will experience how the social brain inhibits them, as well as how to satisfy it.They’ll enjoy extending neuroplasticity and co-regulation. Applying heightened abilities to current business ecosystems - individually and collectively - the workshop is good fun, opens perspectives, and leaves participants with skills they can take ‘back to work’ to extend agility real time.

Demands focus - no devices


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Agile Warmups and BrainMoves extend our abilities and quicken partnering

What makes agility so rare: the science, the business anthropology

Practicing moves to spark curiosity and expand collective ingenuity

Experiencing and relaxing the iron fist of the social brain

Exercises to extend business value and capture progress

Choosing areas of focus and preparing to 'take back to work'.

Learning Outcome

- Expanded grasp of what agility demands

- Actionable skills to catalyze learning and expand agility anytime, anywhere

- Retire 'resistance to change'

Target Audience

Change agents, managers, coaches, facilitators

Prerequisites for Attendees

This workshop demands focus.

Please arrive on time, park your devices and leave them off.

We will be moving; be comfortable

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