Emotional Intelligence is about humans — not processes. Understanding the humanity of the people with whom you work, what they need to thrive and what causes them to be disengaged. This hands-on workshop will take the attendees through a series of exercises that demonstrate how quickly we can get to the hearts of the people with whom we work every day. They will see, through their own experience, how creating a safe space that allows for vulnerability helps them better understand those around them, and that the true path to success in Agile is through its people — not processes.

But old habits die hard. Somewhere along the way, instead of letting our people use their natural creativity - the very creativity that we sought — we assimilated them. We taught them to do things our way, to think our way, to be “one of us.”
In short, our culture squashed the very qualities that made us hire them in the first place.

We now know that even the best processes do not deliver results without the hearts and minds of the people behind it. And that’s where we need to focus — on the people who deliver value using the framework — not the other way around.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This is a hands on, interactive session focusing on human interaction and trust-building, combining techniques and tools from DiSC, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and LEGO Serious Play (LSP).
Participants will use LEGO bricks to build models that:
-tell stories, relay information through the use of metaphors and gain insights into the elements that make teams become high performers.
-examine personal behaviors (positive and negative in some cases) that are holding them (and their teams) back
-develop strategies to increase awareness

Learning Outcome

  • -How to enhance your Emotional Intelligence (EI) to help your teams develop into high performers.
  • -Employee engagement models to get them on your side
  • -Techniques to break down the barriers to employee engagement
  • -Assessment tools to bring to their teams to help explore their EI characteristics
  • -The connection between EI and servant leadership

Target Audience

Anyone working with or in Agile teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

None required

Open mind and looking for a fun, out the box, way to reexamine the way we work and play

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