How to Present Like a Pro - Even Though Your Knees Are Shaking!

location_city Denver schedule May 29th 02:00 - 03:00 PM MDT place Granite ABC people 60 Interested

Do you love speaking? If so, this session is probably not for you! If the thought of speaking or presenting makes you feel uncomfortable (or maybe even a little sick ...), then this session is for you! You will learn somatic techniques for managing fear and anxiety. You will also learn some simple strategies for organizing your content so it is easier to present.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The Presentation: Techniques for organizing your content

- Building a content funnel (Subject, Topics, Sub-Topics)

- Making the content relevant and interesting

The "Shaky Knees": Techniques for dealing with fear and anxiety

- How to breath properly

- How to "plant your tree"

- How to warm up your delivery

Learning Outcome

Participants will gain techniques for building and delivering better presentations.

Target Audience

Anyone who gives presentations

Prerequisites for Attendees

This workshop will include hands on exercises for organizing and presenting.

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