Managing Your Monsters - Five Minutes to Faster Git

Git is the leading software configuration management system. It provides fast, flexible, distributed version control including a complete copy of the entire history in each repository.

This lightning talk will highlight several steps that can significantly improve the performance of your git operations.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

  • Where Things Happen - Remote and Local
  • What Slows Us Down - Remote and Local
    • Ask for too much
    • How to ask for less
  • What Wastes Space - Remote and Local
    • Keep too many copies
    • How to keep fewer copies
  • It Matters Where We Store
    • Large files in Git

Learning Outcome

Attendees will understand how to save time and storage space with git by using:

  • Reference repositories
  • Narrow refspecs
  • Shallow clones
  • Large file support

Target Audience

Developers and Operations

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Familiar with git
  • Familiar with software configuration management concepts
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