The War On Bugs - One Train's Approach to Defect Management

All products have defects, and our response to those defects has a huge impact on how our customers perceive the quality of our products. For larger release trains, it can be hard to have the full stack knowledge needed to be able to fix any defect reported by customers, and to make decisions about what defects are worth fixing. In this talk, we'll discuss how our defect management process has evolved from a dev-of-the-week approach to a dedicated defect team, how defects get triaged and distributed across the train plus the pros and cons of our current approach, and how we use a quarterly Bug Squish event to reduce our overall defect count.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

First we'll cover some common myths and common issues with defect processes. Then we'll talk about things that have and haven't worked. We'll conclude with some how to's on things that seem to work like bug squish and things to avoid like some defect metrics

Learning Outcome

The audience should walk away with some other ideas for how to handle defects for their product.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in hearing some ideas on how to improve their defect process

Prerequisites for Attendees

How do my customer report defects?

How do we currently manage defects for our product?

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