The QE/QA Role: Supporting DevOps the Smart Way

In this talk, Melissa will share the main focus areas that QA/QE should explore within DevOps. Focusing on more valuable automation, shifting traditional “right” tasks left, and tailoring refinement to account for more efficient activities are some of the topics we’ll discuss. You’ll take away practical outcomes that will be relevant no matter where you are in your DevOps implementation.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

Defining the modern QA/QE Role in the SDLC and in DevOps

Re-tuning Automation

Shifting traditional QA/QE “right” tasks left

Re-defining Refining and how to use this agile ceremony in the most productive way

Driving the concept of Shippable as a team agreement

Learning Outcome

By deep-diving in to each topic listed in the outline/structure, you’ll get innovative ways to leverage Agile and QA/QE activities to ensure a consistent, efficient, and productive playbook for DevOps.

Target Audience

Team members and leaders who are starting their journey in DevOps or who are moving in that direction

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of the DevOps approach

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