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Many Agile testers feel like we never have enough time to fully test in a given sprint, cycle or other timeframe. We plan for the best case scenario, but, undoubtedly, something happens with our best-laid plans that cause us to feel like we "just didn't test enough." In this session, we will talk about the five areas that may be causing inefficiencies in your overall approach - to include test planning and duplication of testing to the left of QE. Melissa will discuss these five areas and you'll have a chance to share yours with the outcome to be practical solutions that can be implemented quickly. Once we have the plan to reduce or eliminate the inefficiencies, we'll talk about areas you may be able to spend more time in or add to your overall testing strategy – effectively adding more time to do what you do best!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Why is there Never Enough Time? Understanding reasons why schedules get condensed and why testing activities tend to roll over from sprint to sprint

What Testing Activities do we Emphasize? And how to rethink which activities matter the most

Where do we Find Inefficiencies?

How do we Fix them?

What would you do with that Time Saved? Suggestions on what we've added to our overall offerings because we've addressed those inefficiencies

Learning Outcome

I've spent many years focusing on the SDLC and have observed lots of similarities in how companies approach Agile testing. Many times, we assume there is a "one-size-fits-all" approach with Agile, but the reality is that each company has its own customs and culture that should be considered and when taking the journey towards continuous improvement. This talk is geared to be collaborative and, although I share my experiences, I find that the participants also learn from each other when they hear their colleagues also share their experiences.

Target Audience

Agile Testers , Team members who work with Testers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have experience in agile testing or work directly with agile testers

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  • Melissa Tondi

    Melissa Tondi - The QE/QA Role: Supporting DevOps the Smart Way

    60 Mins
    In this talk, Melissa will share the main focus areas that QA/QE should explore within DevOps. Focusing on more valuable automation, shifting traditional “right” tasks left, and tailoring refinement to account for more efficient activities are some of the topics we’ll discuss. You’ll take away practical outcomes that will be relevant no matter where you are in your DevOps implementation.