The Non-Technical's Guide to Technical Excellence

location_city Denver schedule May 29th 12:45 - 01:45 PM MDT place Centennial C people 39 Interested
Involved in an agile adoption?
Hearing a lot of buzz words you don't understand?
Don't Panic!
Many agile adoptions omit the engineering practices that make agile
development less risky and more effective. Do you wish you knew
more about agile software development (or DevOps) practices, but
didn't know where to begin or what to ask?
I've got you covered!

Outline/Structure of the Talk

I'm going to provide common myths in software development and try to unpack (or explode) them so non-technical decision makers can get an idea of why things like code freezes, adding people to projects, cutting quality to deliver faster don't work and often have the opposite effect than the one intended.

Participants will be be presented with hypotheticals and have to determine "BS or Not!"

I'll then explain why it is or isn't BS.

Learning Outcome

Better assess alternatives from technical leaders.

Learn to ask better questions.

Able to sniff out technical BS when its coming their way.

Target Audience

Non Technical decision makers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have met and talked with (or been confused by) a developer.


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