Everything is going to be alright! Consulting in an Agile world.

The concept of Agile is not new, but it is ever changing. A consultant that is on a project that is being delivered in an Agile framework is going to be presented with different challenges at every new client they have. How mature is your client? How mature is the project team? Do you have all the right people? Being able to identify and work through those challenges will enable you to be a higher functioning team with less cycles. Come join in the conversation to learn and share about successes being a consultant in an Agile world.


Outline/Structure of the Talk



Sharing 3 lessons in Agile as a Consultant


Learning Outcome

The attendees will be able to leave knowing how to better manage consulting projects that are in an Agile Framework.

Target Audience

Consultants, Agile Practitioners, Agile Coaches, Product Owners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Agile Basics. This talk will be most helpful for those in a role as a consultant at a client.

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    60 Mins

    As Agile continues to take off in the technology landscape, Agile coaches are in high demand. In this session, be prepared to learn and interact with other Agilists as we collaboratively discuss experiences and how they relate to the critical concepts of coaching. You'll partake in activities and discussions around some best practices and learn some techniques and approaches to Agile coaching.

    The main concepts we will cover are:

    • Building Trust
    • Eliciting Underlying Needs
    • Resistance and Personas
    • Gaining Influence
    • Resolving Conflict