Achieving real Business Agility - Scaling Agility to the entire enterprise

Agile doesn't end in the development organization. To achieve true Business Agility we need to extend to the business, involving everyone needed to deliver value to the end customer. How do we understand where we are on the journey to Business Agility? In this talk we will cover how to assess the core competencies every organization needs to become a true Agile enterprise as well as the steps needed to achieve business results.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction to Business Agility

The Core competencies of the Agile enterprise

Assessing your Business Agility

A roadmap to success

Learning Outcome

By the end of this talk attendees would be able to:

  • Explain the meaning of Business Agility
  • Assess their enterprise progress towards Business Agility
  • Explain the core competencies needed to become an Agile organization

Target Audience

Agile Coaches. Leaders. Executives. Project Managers.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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