Get Jiggy with Continual Learning - The Journey to a Growth Mindset

Developing a learning community is one of the goals of a coach. You may ask what tools are available that enable people to be empowered to own personal learning and grow at a sustainable pace? Well, allow me to introduce the Continual Learning Journey Map (CLJM) and Continual Learning Review and Actions (CLRA) canvas. The purpose of these canvas is to help people discover knowledge and experiences by identifying interest, acknowledge receipt of knowledge, and determine application to one’s well-being.

Principles of nonviolent communications are applied to help with learning behaviors that include studying, sensing, wanting, and asking.

The path to own your learning journey is to have a roadmap, execute against it, and measure the outcomes.

Have you asked “What do I want to learn today?”


Outline/Structure of the Workshop


00:00 Speaker introduction

00:05 Presentation overview and learning outcomes


00:10 Continual Learning Journey Map (CLJM) canvas introduction

00:20 You are now a coach assigned to facilitate learning with the CLJM

00:30 Discuss how you would guide your team to use the CLJM to define a learning journey

00:40 Discuss the use of the CLJM learning behaviors

00:50 Continual Learning Review and Actions (CLRA) canvas introduction

00:55 Put on your coach hat and simulate applying the CLRA canvas to evaluate learning experience


00:65 Q&A / Discussions

00:75 End

Learning Outcome

At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Defines areas to improve as an individual or team
  • Create a continual learning Journey map (CLJM) to: 1) learn, 2) innovate, 3) realize, and 4) transform
  • Apply nonviolent communication principles to enhance learning experience
  • Create a continual learning review and actions (CLRA) evaluation to determine benefits

Target Audience

Coaches and people interested in the learning value proposition

Prerequisites for Attendees

Anyone can attend, learn and grow.

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