Metrics are the bane of many organizations, getting fascinated on measurements that don’t matter or can drive improper behaviours. In this session, we walk through a simple grouping for metrics where the groupings not only call out the metrics, but their limits, and help guide to better metrics.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session is a walk through of a popular blog post we did on metrics. In general, we are leading transformations where the standard questions around metrics (velocity, bug, mttr, come up) - and we use these groupings to help organizations to get some answers for questions they want, but also understand their limits. I.e. if code coverage goes up, that might be good directionaly but does not say we are getting code coverage of the important code paths. We wrap up the session giving examples of more impactful measurements and walk through process behavior charts to help separate signal from noise in data.

Learning Outcome

Figure out metrics for where your organization is right now

Figure out 'better metrics' and how to get there

Use Behavior process charts to see if changes are actually impacted metrics - separate noise from signal

Target Audience

ScrumMasters, Managers, Coaches, Executives, Engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Just an open mind. We will do some math as well

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