So many companies believe that they have to invest in multi-quarter, extremely expensive, projects in order to continue to provide value to their customers. Many customers just need a simple solution to their problems, but we are distracted by the need to have a "big bang" with every release. This is how smaller more nimble companies can skyrocket to success, why can't established companies do the same?

This interactive workshop (think teams, post its on the wall, and lots of ideation) will provide a step by step process that will help you efficiently travel from identifying your customer all the way to validation of a solution to a problem your customer is having.

It is expensive to have our teams work on projects that we don't know if our customers want. There has to be a better way to get from really big problem down to smaller solutions that lead us in the right path, without huge investment of our company's resources and without putting our company's reputation on the line. This process is what I call, finding the Minimum Viable Solution, the deliverable product that helps test your hypothesis and customer with as little risk and cost as possible.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Background information
  2. Hand out inspiration photos
  3. Define your customer and their problem / discuss
  4. Journey Map the customer's ideal path with an MVP
  5. Find the Minimum Viable Solution (MVS) / discuss
  6. Identify measurable ways to test your MVS

Learning Outcome

Attendees will come out with a straightforward, tested, and proven way to in/validate their hypothesis about customer problems and the solutions they lead to.

Target Audience

Product Managers, Product Owners, Engineers, anyone who wants to help get to customer value more efficiently.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be awake (caffeinated if you like) and bring your creativity, as we are going to dive into problems that may not overlap with your day to day, in order to show how this process can work in many different scenarios.

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