Difficulties of delivery planning for a large organisation

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Most practitioners and teams are familiar with sprint planning as an activity for their delivery for a certain timeframe.
When it comes to multiple teams and large organisations, there is a lot of practices and different frameworks to plan delivery. Lots of organisations are familiar with Big Room and PI planning and use it for quarterly planning.
In Australia, many large organisations have tried different frameworks and have also created their own ways of working (often termed as "new ways of working", "better ways of working" etc). 

There is a challenge though, specifically when planning larger initiatives with involvement of different teams from the inside and sometimes from the outside of the organisation. These teams can have different commitments, might use different frameworks and may operate in different release cadence. How much can we and should we standardise processes and how much should teams follow their own ways of working?
There is no easy answer to this. In this interactive session, Rajesh and Gabor will work with you and help you understand what is involved in delivery planning for large organisations, including topics like shared vocabulary (e.g. taxonomy, definition of done), planning activities, tools, team activities, reporting, etc.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

- Summary : Need to delivery planning

- Introduction to the workshop

- Group / team sessions

- Team briefing

- Close   

Learning Outcome

By attending this session you will learn various aspects of delivery planning while working with others.

Target Audience

Delivery leaders, project and product managers, scrum masters, BAs, POs

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of Mural 

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