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mini-LAST #2

Wed, Oct 7
Timezone: Australia/Melbourne (AEDT)

    Opening - 15 mins

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    Rajesh Mathur

    Rajesh Mathur / Gabor Devenyi - Difficulties of delivery planning for a large organisation

    schedule  05:05 - 05:45 PM AEDT place The Marquee people 5 Interested star_halfRate

    Most practitioners and teams are familiar with sprint planning as an activity for their delivery for a certain timeframe.
    When it comes to multiple teams and large organisations, there is a lot of practices and different frameworks to plan delivery. Lots of organisations are familiar with Big Room and PI planning and use it for quarterly planning.
    In Australia, many large organisations have tried different frameworks and have also created their own ways of working (often termed as "new ways of working", "better ways of working" etc). 

    There is a challenge though, specifically when planning larger initiatives with involvement of different teams from the inside and sometimes from the outside of the organisation. These teams can have different commitments, might use different frameworks and may operate in different release cadence. How much can we and should we standardise processes and how much should teams follow their own ways of working?
    There is no easy answer to this. In this interactive session, Rajesh and Gabor will work with you and help you understand what is involved in delivery planning for large organisations, including topics like shared vocabulary (e.g. taxonomy, definition of done), planning activities, tools, team activities, reporting, etc.

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    Allisyn Ramm

    Allisyn Ramm / Jason Cameron - How to scale your agile governance processes using Lean Portfolio Management

    schedule  05:05 - 05:45 PM AEDT place The Big Top people 2 Interested star_halfRate

    Has your delivery ever been inhibited by overarching, archaic governance structures & processes? has your organisation missed an opportunity or not capitalised on an opportunity due to the inability or speed to making a decision? Is your organisation still using lengthy business cases which must go through multiple layers of committees for approval? Ever wondered how governance works when scaling agile within an organisation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the session for you.

    In this fun and interactive session, Ally and Jason will talk through the theory and real life examples of how to get the balance between doing things quickly and having the right level of governance using a principles driven approach and concepts such as limiting work in progress, understanding cost of delay and setting up governance structures and process.

    You will come away from this session with an understanding of how to scale your governance processes when scaling agile at your organisation by focusing on:

    • Doing the right things
    • Doing things right
    • Doing things quickly with quality
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    Ben Hogan

    Ben Hogan - Leading Change with OKRs + 4DX

    schedule  05:05 - 05:45 PM AEDT place The Agora people 6 Interested star_halfRate

    Many organisations struggle with alignment across functions and between senior leaders and teams. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) have become an increasingly popular approach to addressing organisational alignment problems. On the surface OKRs appear to be a simple way to set goals and measure progress, however the real world application of OKRs (especially at scale) is filled with unexpected challenges and some surprising benefits. Adopting OKRs successfully requires supportive leadership, sophisticated change management, investment in learning and more time and patience than you might think!        

    In this talk Ben shares his experiences from introducing OKRs across 100 teams in a 1200 person publicly listed organisation in Berlin.  He will share his hard-won lessons of what not to do, and outline a low risk way to evaluate OKRs in your organisation. Join this session to learn about getting executives onboard, learn why cascading OKRs can be a mistake, learn how to setup an OKR champions and training program and more!

    Training workshops also available on Freshwater Academy (20% off link for LAST participants)

    If you would like to get hands-on practice with OKRs Ben also offers a live online training to practice the end to end OKR lifecycle. This workshop is the result of training 100s of people in OKRs and is designed to get you started quickly, while avoiding the most common mistakes.

    • Practice writing effective OKRs, and how to spot problems with OKRs. 
    • Practice aligning your OKRs across teams and departments.
    • Practice the weekly check-in process to achieve results
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    Imran Qazi

    Imran Qazi - How to use agile for success in a non-agile environment

    schedule  05:05 - 05:45 PM AEDT place The Amphiteatre people 2 Interested star_halfRate

    If you think that bringing your stakeholders to an agile way of working within the same organization is difficult. Imagine the challenges a software vendor face that provides software development services to client from different organizations. Multiply this by a factor of 100 when you are working as a vendor for government departments. The procurement process for governments is still set in the nineties. Often the client demands a fixed scoped and price solution. The vendor and client relationship and restrictions in those relationships make it tricky to run an agile product development in the true sense of agile. The client stakeholders and business owners do not have a deep understanding of the agile process and time for them to gain enough understanding is not planned. The development process is considered the sole responsibility of the vendor which is against all the agile principles.

    This presentation is a case study of creating a framework using agile principles that provides a way to engage business and stakeholders in an agile process that helps in creating the best products possible. We will look at the challenges and tactics from the starting point of a highly regulated system. This talk is about how we can change the behavior by making things easy for our clients where there is high resistance to change the way things work. 


    Closing - 20 mins