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About District Treasuries: District Treasuries are the nodal offices for all financial transactions of the Government within the district, managing both payment and receipts. They also monitor the activities of various sub-treasuries which work as an extension of the Treasuries at the Tehsil/Taluka level. Each district has various Drawing & Disbursing Officers who are authorized to draw money can present their claims in the Treasury which are then accounted for by concerned authorities. Various states in India have developed Integrated Financial Management System which publishes detailed information on daily transactions happening at district treasuries within a state.

About Time Series Analysis & Inferences: The detailed information of daily transactions at district treasury can help us perform near real-time tracking of flow and utilization of funds. This can be used to track expenditure on various schemes and social sectors, anomalies in fund disbursement, understanding near real-time alerts and predicting timely utilization of budgets. In this talk, we will explore how we can harness time-series modeling and analysis to better understand the functioning of various district treasuries in India.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

The session will be organized as:

  • Setting the scene
  • Getting the District Treasuries Data
  • Exploratory Data Analysis of the District Fund Flow
  • Evaluation of various Time Series Algorithms
  • Visualizing trends and the big picture
  • Scaling Up
  • How you can contribute
  • Future
  • Questions

Draft Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17Suj2GZhgkcgpdVWeuMOBGFXXpmCn5vprEk-71sfx70/edit?usp=sharing

Learning Outcome

  • Detailed understanding of district-level fiscal data architecture
  • Explore few open-source tools and libraries for Data Exploration and Time Series Analysis
  • Understand applications time-series analysis in improving district-level fund flow

Target Audience

Data People who like to explore applications of data science in social sector, People keen in Time-series Analysis, etc

Prerequisites for Attendees

Just come up with enthusiasm to explore the data-for-good scene in India!



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