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Various Chinese achievements in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has widely been reported in the media recently. Be it a remotely controlled Tank to a demonstration of Swarms of Autonomous UAVs during an Air Show, China is building them fast and possibly in numbers while preparing for 'Intelligized Warfare'. These technology demonstrations are not very far from field deployment and are a cause for worry for several countries. Chinese State Council also released a detailed plan for the development of AI as a tool for the development of the nation, including military application. It is an ambitious plan but China has a strong foundation in its Academia, Public Sector Industry and Startups to make it possible and enable it to become a Global Leader in AI. It is therefore important to examine this foundation of Industry, Startup Ecosystem, Academia and their mutual cooperation to truly understand the potential of China and be able to predict their military deployment of AI.


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People interested in application of AI in Military


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