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ML in Saas Applications becomes exceedingly difficult due to lack to access to customer data. The Customer Data is locked down with no outside access and it presents a huge problem to do ML on this data in a traditional way. The focus of this presentation is to provide alternate solutions to do ML in a distributed fashion.

We will focus on Split Neural Networks - a relatively new distributed ML Technique to solve Data Access issues with a SAAS Application.

We will walk through the motivations behind Split Neural Network approach to ML .

We will go through some concrete examples that are already using this technique.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Machine Learning and Privacy

(Anonymous, Obfuscated, Encrypted) DATA !

Privacy and ML – Techniques

Machine Learning at Healthcare and SAAS applications

Split Neural Network – Introduction

SAAS Use Case – Anomaly Detection

Split NN to rescue

Learning Outcome

Learn the latest world of distributed deep learning techniques.

Target Audience

All Machine Learning Practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Neural Network Fundamentals

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