Data Science , ML , AI have become buzz words and everyone is into it. Having spent all my career as a ROI Data Scientist - I would like to present my ideas around how to achieve ROI in Data Science.

Data Science can be tricky and he can fall into this Rabbit Hole without destination and the projects become super expensive without much returns - In this talk I will focus on the common pitfalls around Data Science Projects and how to navigate this without any dent to the investments we make towards a data driven world.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Define ROI in Data Science

Common Mistakes around a Data Science Project

Business Problem -> Data Problem -> Data Solution -> Business Solution

Embedding Data Science in your products

Bring Best Practices in SDLC to DSLC


Learning Outcome

Understand common issues with Data Science Projects

Bring Best Practices in SDLC to DSLC

How to build successful DS project and maximize ROI

Target Audience

All Data Science Practitioners

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