Deep learning in web browsers with TensorFlow JS ,made easy, fast and deployable

A very latest era of Browser based machine learning has arrived. With the arrival of TensorFlow JS .This talk aims to introduce everyone with browser based Deep learning and how easy it is to embed and train models in browsers just using Javascript. With JS based ML its also pretty easy to now integrate machine learning models with your web applications. TensorFlow JS also enables us to create beautiful Deep learning Demos as well .This talk aims to provide a proper technical and functional introduction to tensorFlow JS,deep learning in it and also capabilities like transfer learning ,reinforcement learning, re training models in browser and also some cool demos of the same.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Browser based Deep Learning ,What is it?
  • Introducing TensorFlow JS
  • Endless Possibilities of TensorFlow JS
  • Architecting ML Applications before TensorFlow JS
  • Architecting Lite ML web applications with TensorFlow JS
  • Demos using simple Javascript Deep learning
  • Using Pre Trained models with Transfer learning
  • How easy it is to code in TensorFlow JS
  • Utilising GPUs and browser's powers using TF JS
  • Python and JavaScript Deep learning comparison/connection

Learning Outcome

This talk is intended for every machine learning beginner ,practitioner who wants to develop and deploy lightweight machine learning models.Up until now ,people thought only R and python had the capability to do machine learning, with TensorFlow JS now possibilities are endless, easy machine learning, right in your browser without needing any heavy hardware

It also enables a developer to develop run and embed complex ML models right in the browser and also re train already existing models.

One also learn utilising browser's power via WebGL, node JS based training ,GPU usage and beautiful javascript visualisations in ML using JS

Target Audience

All Machine learning /Deep learning practitioners ,JavaScript developers ,Machine learning Developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic Knowledge of Machine learning/Deep learning and Javascript



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  • 90 Mins

    This will be a hands-on workshop how to build a custom interactive dashboard application on your local machine or on any cloud service provider. You will also learn how to deploy this application with both security and scalability in mind.

    Powerful Data visualization software solutions are extremely useful when building interactive data visualization dashboards. However, these types of solutions might not provide sufficient customization options. For those scenarios, you can use open source libraries like D3.js, Chart.js, or Bokeh to create custom dashboards. While these libraries offer a lot of flexibility for building dashboards with tailored features and visualizations.