Business today is lying of huge knowledge of their clients and users, accumulated over years of common experience. Technology today zooms on AI and Big Data to make a break-through use of the potential of knowledge. We try tho shift the paradigm of data usage , and we don't shift the paradigm of our own way of thinking. Therefore, in this workshop we will explore a neuroscience perspective on Big Data: how our human brain, body and guts together are a extraordinary system of data processing.

Through a set of experiments that will involve body and mind, the intention is to observe the way we operate as living beings, so we eventually to shift the paradigm of Data Processing, inspired by the intelligence of life.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The first part of the session will briefly ( about 20 min) introduce the way our mind and body works and illustrate parallels with Big Data processing .

To create a concrete experience that can be inspiring, we will experiment the intelligence of the body .

The learning experience will unfold in 3 phases:

1. Using Social Presencing Theatre protocol, we will illustrate and experience together how the intelligence of the body can lead to problem solving. The Social Presencing Theatre is an approach linked to the Theory U change framework. This step will last around 20 min)

The next two phases are based of Arnold Mindell protocol called "Process Work", an approach to reinforce the intelligence of the group, while not excluding any minority voice. The protocol has 2 steps : Outer Work and Inner Work

2. Use the Outer Work :around a topic, the participants will lead an embodied discussion on a chosen topic. They can express their own opinion, or take a role and express the opinion from that role. People will place themselves in respect of their agreement with the opinion expressed. The conversation will go on for 15 min.

2. Inner Work : by pairs participants will describe in a verbal and movement way what was their experience of the Outer Work, focusing on what was uncomfortable and how the lack of comfort can be shifted. After acknowledging what was uncomfortable, pairs are invited to shift perspective and perceive what is the positive energy triggered in that moment. This part of the experience will go on for 15 min.

The last part will be an interactive discussion about how the experience of intuition and body intelligence can inspire AI paradigm for a sustainable inclusive future.

Learning Outcome

Experience the extraordinary power of our own mind and body, and explore how this can be used as a new paradigm of AI

Target Audience

Managers, Innovators and people wanting to go beyond big Data

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites required



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