How to communicate anything to anyone and see a real impact - communicating effectively and efficiently

Everyone thinks they are a good at communication, but... how many times have you been at an event talking to someone you really didn’t want to talk to? Been sold to by someone who didn’t get that you weren’t interested?

These are examples of bad communication and they all have a few things in common, they weren’t efficient and they weren’t effective

.They didn’t go into the communication with the right mindset and the right preparation

Also, sorry to say it, but your own communications probably suck too. But after this talk you’ll have a leg up on your competition: you’ll know your communication sucks... and you know how to fix it.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Let's talk about:

  • Bad communication, and why it happens
  • What's the right mindset to have
  • What's the right preparation to do
  • Examples of efficient and effective communication

I will take you through my number 1 and number 2 rules for efficient and effective communication.

Number 1: What do you want people to Think, Feel, and (most importantly) Do after they receive your communication

Number 2: Benefits not features - make sure you explain to the recipient why it's in their own best interests to make a behaviour change

Learning Outcome

How to not suck at communication, how to get your message across in the right way, every time, and most importantly, how to get outcomes from your communication.

This comes from understanding my Number 1 and Number 2 rule of communication, and how to apply them.

Putting your mindset in the right place, and pracitising the right preparation.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to make an impact

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