AI has the potential to deliver additional global economic activity of around $13 trillion by 2030, or about 16% higher cumulative GDP compared with today. Securing this economic growth, combined with the soft power an AI leadership role will bring any nation, makes it a major social and economic policy priority. In the last couple of years, many countries released strategies to promote the use and development of AI. No two strategies are alike, with each focusing on different aspects of AI policy: scientific research, talent development, skills and education, public and private sector adoption, ethics and inclusion, standards and regulations, and data and digital infrastructure. This talk will discuss the key policies and goals of each nation' strategy, as well as related policies and initiatives that have announced since the release of the initial strategies. The race to become the global leader in AI has officially begun!


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

The talk will cover the major features of national AI policies of various countries and how they are approaching the critical need for AI capabilities.

Learning Outcome

The attendees will get the global perspective of AI and will help them to understand where we are heading as a society. This will also motivate the budding entrepreneurs to run fast and achieve their goals.

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

Any background

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