Contracts are complex, multi-dimensional objects expressed in legal language, traditionally realized in documents that form the foundation of global commerce. To process a contract, a human being must begin by understanding: by applying linguistic skills to read and parse the form and syntax of the legal language. Its complex, laborious and error-prone exercise, requiring high level of tenacity and expertise.

How does AI aid in navigating in their complex worlds?

How does Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing is used in legal text mining/processing?

This talk is about how AI is leveraged in finding answers to above questions with specific case studies from Icertis's Contract Management platform.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • AI in Contract Management @Icertis : 2 slides, 3 minutes (Intro)
  • How Discover AI works : 8 slides, 8 minutes (Technical)
  • How Clause Categorization works: 7 slides, 7 minutes (Technical)
  • What Next? and QnA: 1 slide, 2 minutes (Conclusion)

Learning Outcome

Awareness of how AI is being used in Legal documents processing.

Target Audience

Data Scientists, Legal Professionals

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some familiarity with Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning.


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