AIOps in Real Time: AIOps is indeed seeing adoption by enterprises, especially those investing in digital transformation initiatives. While classic event correlation and modern IT operations analytics tools have been around for some time, the AIOps market is fairly new, with Gartner coining the phrase back in 2016.

The purpose AIOps is

  • Quantify the operational benefits of AIOps for incident management
  • Track leading concerns that might stall ITOps

Outline/Structure of the Talk

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  • Introduction to AIOps - Brief about the concept/ideas – Use of Deep Neural Network based Algorithmic approaches
  • Top Five Business Use cases
    • Infra Cost optimization
    • Digital Transformation
    • Automate the ITOps
    • IT Incident Management
    • IT Service Assurance
  • Usecase Discussion: Cost optimization through Intelligent capacity Management (LSTM, ARIMA, Prophets)
    • Expand and contract capacity (CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.) based on the forecasted usage patterns
    • Move workloads into different tiers across hyper-converged infrastructure
    • Analyze incident tickets, along with related events, alerts and log data to identify patterns
    • Predict potential issues and alert with a recommended action
  • Real Time Challenges
    • Models in Big scale
    • Handling Data Quality issues

Learning Outcome

How AI can optimize/replace the Legacy ITOps solutions

Target Audience

Business Leaders, Data Scientists

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