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    Venkateswaran NS - Experience Report: Agile Transformation & Implementation at Cisco Video Business

    Venkateswaran NS
    Venkateswaran NS
    Program Manager
    Cisco Systems
    schedule 8 years ago
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    Experience Report

    The objective of sharing this experience report is to showcase how disruptive changes in the market place have driven the execution strategy for transforming a traditional waterfall organization to Agile. 

    It also contains a narration of our transformation journey so far and challenges we faced to understand the Key word "Value" across the business value chain.

    However for embedded systems & solutions many believe that Agile is not going to work, "our product is so complicated and distributed" (Is this supposed to be a quote?), their nature of business is so unique etc.. and if you ask about scaling then "Forget it".

    Hence my session is going to share the practical challenges we encounter and interesting stories of the transformation journey.

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