The Prioritization Conundrum...and how to come out of it!

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Let’s face it – we work in a time constrained and fast paced work environment. The plethora of urgent, and often competing priorities not only make it difficult to decide what takes precedence, but also add a lot of complexity and stress to the teams.

We already know that proper prioritization can help resolve these challenges. But most often the bigger challenge is to be able to prioritize effectively and accurately to achieve the right output.

If you would like to learn about effective prioritization techniques – Please join Toby Rao for a fun, interactive and informative discussion.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Toby will start the session by setting the expectations and the foundation for the session. He will discuss and unpack the methods, frameworks and techniques available today. (Examples: Opportunity scoring, Story Mapping, Stacked ranking etc.) He will facilitate an understanding of the traps and challenges involved with prioritization and share some personal stories to drive home the points.

Toby will discuss his recommendations of 5 ‘go-to’ prioritization methods that are not only practical but are relatively easy to facilitate. He will facilitate a quick simulation exercise during which participants will choose the optimum prioritization technique for the unique needs pertaining to the program (simulated) to help the participants learn. He will conclude the session with a debrief to ensure that there are great ‘take home’ points!


• Ice breaker and Context 5 min
• Agile Prioritization Techniques 5 min
• Typical anti-patterns and ideas to resolve (Discussion) 5 min
• Top 5 Prioritization techniques that work 5 min
• The Mustang Project (Table exercise) 15 min
• Debrief and closing 05 min

Learning Outcome

Participants will develop a good understanding of the challenges with Prioritization. They will learn about the methods and techniques that actually work. They will learn about the 5 top techniques they can immediately add to their toolkit. They will learn how to lead and facilitate prioritization with additional tips for success, and traps to avoid.

Taking part in the interactive and Table exercise parts of the session will help them retain the knowledge. Participants will leave this session with a good understanding of steps they can take to prioritize effectively, efficiently and change the game.

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers, Management, Leads and Agile practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Prior experience facilitating or participating in prioritization events will help.


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