Hippie Coaching vs. Corporate Coaching (workshop)

There is no "one right way" to coach. Some coaches primarily focus on people and behaviour, some on processes and frameworks, some on system of work and the list goes on. Depending on the organisation and its context, different focus might be required.

My observation is that the different styles of coaching create different perception in the organisation. Those coaches who "preach" about the Agile manifesto and the value and principles, often looked as the “hippie coaches”. Even though their message is right, they often can't succeed in the corporate world, where it’s lot more fashionable to talk about “scaling agile” or “standardising new way of working”.

However, the coaches whose focus is helping huge corporates, can become "instituionalised" - within two years their focus and vocabulary become corporate-language and they become part of the machine.

So what can you do, if you’re one of those “hippie” coaches, who is afraid of being lost in the corporate world? And if you’re a “corporate” coach, who speaks the corporate language and became a master of agile tools and processes - but lost sight of the the original values?

This interactive talk / workshop will hopefully get these coaches closer to each other and to reality, so we can work on improving ourselves as coaches, independent on what type of people we are.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Outline (draft, subject to change as I experiment with the workshop):

  • 15 minutes introduction to the topic
  • 10 minutes warm-up exercise (self-assessment, what kind of coach are you)
  • 15 minutes of facilitated talk (reflecting on the results, what does it mean for you)
  • 10 minutes introduction on defining the why, what, who and how of provide better coaching
  • 20 minutes of group activity of identifying practices and patterns to bring closer coaching standpoints and become better coach
  • 10 minutes of summarising findings
  • 10 minutes of emergency time

Learning Outcome

You will learn about yourself and how are you compared to other people, coaches.

Understand the reasons why the values and principles of the Agile manifesto are ignored in organisational transformation.

You will learn about a few transformations with the positives (when there were true improvements) and the negatives (when the surface seems right but there is no change).

While there is no black&white, you will find new practices to broaden your coaching repertoire.

Target Audience

Agile coaches, Scrum masters



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