Can Leadership transformation be experiment based?

Do you want leaders who are 100% good at their leadership during Agile Transformation?

Or Like squads/ agile teams, can leaders also experiment to improve their Lean Agile Leadership style during Agile Transformation?

In my experience-based story telling session, would like to look at the Leadership style required for Agile Transformation and how old-style leadership can be transformed to required skills, mindset.

And how Agile Coaching plays important role in this transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

00- 10- mins Introduction of speaker and topic.

10 -20 mins Role of Servant Leaders

20-30 mins How we approached Lean Agile Leadership as Experiments. – Our Journey.

30-40 mins Share the learnings from the experiments, where we are and where we want to go next.

40-45 min Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • Experiments can be done in any areas and we can learn from them. Pivots.
  • Different leadership styles, tools & techniques which helped us.
  • What helped us in the Experiments? – Which Key values we adhered to?
    • Leaders are also like Team Members – continuously learning

Target Audience

Leaders, Executives, Agile Servant Leaders, PM

Prerequisites for Attendees

Open mind to learn new things!

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