"To do or not to do" - That is the question on Test Automation of legacy code

"To be or Not to be, that is the question"

Hamlet had this question when he was contemplates whether to live or die, fight troubles or live with them.

In the modern day software engineers face this dilemma. "To Do or not to do, that is the question"

Should we automate the legacy code or should we live with sometimes rotten code. Will the automation get the desired benefits or would I be wasting my resources. What is the ROI of this?

There is always this debate surely we tend to live with the rotten code as in the list of priorities "automation of legacy code" goes way down.

Should this technical debt that scrum teams should be investing on.

Is the scrum teams sitting on ticking time bomb?

We took a bold decision and went on methodical way of investing in this effort. I will be sharing our experience of this effort.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  1. "To be or Not to Be"
  2. Challenges
  3. Automation strategy
    1. Automation Pyramid
  4. Identification of areas of investment
    1. Code crime scene - By Adam Tornhill
  5. Execution
  6. Our experience and Learning
  7. Feedback Q/A

Learning Outcome

Understand the challenges of legacy code automation

Exposed to some strategies to deal with this technical debt

Target Audience

All scrum members, Product owners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Open to ideas and be ready to understand both sides of conflict.

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Public Feedback

    • Vamsi Krishna Kakkireni

      Vamsi Krishna Kakkireni - Are you delivering "VALUE" to customer? - PLS DO SIR

      45 Mins

      What keeps a business ticking? Customer value.

      • Do you know that 75% of consumers are willing to pay more if they love the product?
      • Have you realized that around 60% of features in a product are rarely or never used.

      With this, it is evident that users do not buy or use all that you build and they pay more if they love it. Hence it is important to plan, prioritize and produce as per customer value. But what makes a product lovable and how to win customers?

      In this session, I am going to discuss in detail about the new techniques i.e. "PLS DO SIR" which I have implemented with 10+ Scrum teams, how to make a product lovable, how asking the right questions helped us in uncovering issues, how to build undaunted teams and when to engage customers.

      You can deliver great "VALUE" to your customer if you can take care of the above.