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Smart People Release Product To Get Ahead

while product management has various aspect that needs to be well understood by every product owner, unfortunately most of the product owners don't have exposure or understanding in product thinking as organization is mostly focused on delivering the items in the product backlog with little scope for product owners to perform the true product management activities. This is hands-on activity that makes participants understand on how product gets released, how is product release different from sprints, connect the product life cycle and BCG Matrix states.

Release strategies : Time based releases & Scope based releases

Product life cycle states: introduction, growth, maturity & decline states

BCG matrix : "' ? ", Star, cash cow, dog states in product management.

The activity makes the participants think with different strategies to enable agility in business, product.

Join this session to learn how smart people release their product to get ahead of competition.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Introduction to workshop, discuss few product release strategies, constraints, and product strategies, Product life cycle, BCG matrix.

Step 1. participants shall look at the product backlog items

Step 2. product owners make the prioritization and strategic decisions on releases

Step 3. game starts and we simulate 6 sprints to mark the work done. each day team does some amount of work.

Step 4. after 6 sprints we discuss how much value is generated and different strategies that would have resulted and how value changes just with release strategies changes.

Step 5. recap on product release strategies, product life cycle, reflection on participants actual product and how they can apply their learning in their office work and product development

Learning Outcome

After this hands-on activity, participants (Product Owners) would get better understanding on Product release strategies, product strategies, product life cycle, product thinking and how they are connected to build a winning product.

Target Audience

Everyone who understands product development such as Product Owners, Managers, Development Team, ScrumMaster

Prerequisites for Attendees

Product management and software development.


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