working with multiple clients i have found that Facilitation is one of teh most mis understood skill of a scrum Master or even for leaders and looked as a tertiary skill however as a Coach and experienced Scrum Master i have come to value this skill the most over the years so in this workshop the concept is to Learn Facilitation techniques available and help how to effectively use them in different Scrum Events


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The idea is to help Participants with below

1. List all the available facilitation Techniques - Explain what they mean and their use (They will be given Cards with the technique and on the back explaining what it means)

2. Ask Participants to list all the events and activities in Scrum

3. Divide in Small Groups and assign one event or activity

4. Now create a list of possible facilitation techniques used in the assigned event or activity to the team

5. For example Give 10 mins time box to participants to discuss which facilitation techniques can be used in Sprint Planning

6. Ask teams to share with other groups

7. Conclude with Presenter view

Learning Outcome

Participants will have a matrix developed to see what all possible facilitation techniques they can use in each of the Scrum Events which they ca go and apply

Target Audience

everyone who aspires to be on agile journey, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be prepared to participate actively :)

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