Measuring Success of Agile Transformation

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For Measuring Business Agile Transformation, we need to look at different aspects of the organization to keep agility.

In this talk we will cover 6 facets of measurements - Why, what and how these have helped us to create good measurement system and how those were evolved in Agile manner to release more features to it.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

In Many Organizations Agile Transformations considers only IT effectiveness as measure of Agile success. But To make it happen and sustain the Agility in the Century-old Financial organization is very difficult. Towards this end, there are more areas which one needs to consider for measuring success of the agile transformation.

Intro & context setting - 5 min

During our journey in Client Space, we looked at different areas:

1) Agile Practices/ process/ methodology Maturity – Scrum, Kanban or could be hybrid given the nature of the programs. – 5 mins

2) System Agility – how peripheral systems supporting delivery of the software are improving, to Adhere to Faster sustainable pace of the squads” - 5 mins

3) CI-CD Pipeline – effectiveness, readiness, and implementation of the pipelines - 5 mins

4) Onboarding of the squad members- how effectively and in agile manner onboard the members and manage them among different product lines, innovation teams -5 Mins

5) Eco system agility – 5 mins

6) And ultimately, we do all this towards business outcomes- to satisfy the customer needs. How do we enable/measure this? – 5 min

Also, session will present some facts- case study around what we could achieve using these different measures so far. For enterprise its ongoing evolving journey as frameworks, technology, customer needs evolve.

Q&A: 5-Mins

Learning Outcome

Based on the context how do we measure and improve the business agility parameters.

Which areas impacts the most in scenarios which we are covering.

Agility is not a destination, its Journey. Ownership of the measurements and continuous improvements based on empirical data in these 6 areas is responsibility of the teams, programs and ultimately enterprise.

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Enterprise Agile Coaches, HR, Change Management, APMO, LPM

Prerequisites for Attendees


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