Improv unscripted - Happy hours starts NOW!

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Let's get onto a journey

From "No" /"Yes, but" to "Yes, and"!

Improv is the act of working together to build something new from a bunch of quickly generated ideas, disposing quickly that don’t work and building on the things that do along the way. The more an improv team works together, the more they trust each other, and the better they know each other’s’ strengths and how to use them. Isn’t it Agile Teams also all about?

Make other people look good. This will make you look better, too. Let's experience this through fun games!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

It's quite easy to both, scale up and down this workshop. The session format remains the same

  • Introduction to Improv
  • Play, play and play...(apply Parkinson's law to fill the time available. Since we have lesser time at disposal, we may choose some of the one listed above.)
  • Closure

I have provided the outline for 90 minute session below:

Improv - Introduction (3-5 minutes)

Four rules of Improv:

  • Say Yes
  • Yes, And
  • Make Statements
  • No Mistakes, Only Opportunities

Form teams of 5-6 people (3 minutes). Play and spread laughter’s around!!

Most of the games are played standing so it’s opt-in for participants. They can participate in as many games they want to.

Some of the games participants would experience are. Each game would be followed by 1-2 minutes debrief on how it relates with Agile team and how they can be used (Debrief time not included in activity time):

  1. Speed Dating…ah Speed Meeting (5 minutes)
  2. Mirroring (5 minutes)
  3. Yes Lets (5 minutes)
  4. Count to 20 as a Team (5 minutes)
  5. One word at a time story (5 minutes)
  6. Conducted Story - Are you (really!) paying attention? (6 minutes)
  7. 7 Things (5 minutes)
  8. Change (5 minutes)
  9. Freeze (5 minutes)
  10. Blind Freeze (5 minutes)
  11. Reporter (6 minutes)
  12. Flock Dance (5 minutes)

I explain each warm-up game and then each team plays it. We inspect and adapt on number of games we play. We always end our session with Flock Dance which is high energy game demonstrating leadership skills in group dynamics.

Overall Debrief (3-5 minutes): Check with audience on how they felt playing Improv games? Share tips on how these can be used with Agile teams.

Share some of the benefits that Improv brings:

  • Confidence
  • Acceptance of failure
  • Starting every conversation on a positive note
  • and Think fast! to name a few.

Questions (~5 minutes)

All participants leave with a smile!!

Learning Outcome

As a result of attending this session, participants will have…

  • Ability to express themselves more creatively and coherently.
  • Greater awareness of how emotional intelligence impacts group dynamics.
  • Gained knowledge through Improv exercises about active learning and how it impacts communication.
  • Tools to integrate their experiences into their own development process
  • Above all, have fun to add fuel in life!

Unleash the power of using "yes, and"?

To preserve our precious time and energy, we often default to 'no,' yet this only closes the door to our growth, while a 'yes' opens a world of possibilities.

The secret is adding 'yes, and' to our lives. This easiest of the phrase opens the doors to better collaboration and positive relationships and invites self-sustaining opportunities into our world. 'Yes, and' helps you get from where you are, as an individual or organization, to where you want to be.

Target Audience

Anyone who likes to laugh

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing in particular


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Public Feedback

    • Narasimhan V (IAF Facilitator)

      Narasimhan V (IAF Facilitator) - Conflict to Collaboration

      90 Mins

      This session is a process to hold tough conversations. This is an effective process and I have done this at the IAF Asia Conference at Kuala Lumpur in September 2019. It's based on Marshal Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, one of the best frameworks for communication & stakeholder relationship related issues.

    • Rucha Ramchandra Kapare

      Rucha Ramchandra Kapare - Small changes, big impact

      45 Mins

      When we face a challenge what we often see is the 85% things which we might not have control over and end up feeling helpless. Being in a VUCA(Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world we face situations like these quite frequently both in professional and personal life. Imagine if you are in one such situation yet you get good results, how great it would be? Because there are still a few things which we call the 15% solution to a problem which we fail to see as its like our shadow and best seen by others.

      15% solution is similar to moving a few rocks to change the course of a river. This activity is exactly about moving a few rocks to find great solutions to the challenges we are facing NOW, just thinking about what is the best you can do without more resources, authority or permissions, by just doing the things in your control

      In this session we would explore 15% solution along with Troika

    • Vamsi Krishna Kakkireni

      Vamsi Krishna Kakkireni - Are you delivering "VALUE" to customer? - PLS DO SIR

      45 Mins

      What keeps a business ticking? Customer value.

      • Do you know that 75% of consumers are willing to pay more if they love the product?
      • Have you realized that around 60% of features in a product are rarely or never used.

      With this, it is evident that users do not buy or use all that you build and they pay more if they love it. Hence it is important to plan, prioritize and produce as per customer value. But what makes a product lovable and how to win customers?

      In this session, I am going to discuss in detail about the new techniques i.e. "PLS DO SIR" which I have implemented with 10+ Scrum teams, how to make a product lovable, how asking the right questions helped us in uncovering issues, how to build undaunted teams and when to engage customers.

      You can deliver great "VALUE" to your customer if you can take care of the above.

    • 90 Mins

      What is leadership Agility?

      This workshop will introduce a promising framework for leaders to increase Self-awareness in them and help them connect the "Why" and "How" part. Over the years,

      I have learned that the future is already here and that your organization’s survival is based on several critical factors—including its ability to be agile — one of the essential drivers to achieve this through leadership agility.

      Learning objective:

      -Introduce four areas that a Leader should all focus on.

      -Use Ken Wilber’s integral model as an anchor point.

      -Use “I\Its” quadrants

      -Relate I/its Quadrant as the Future Focus of Leadership

      - Increase self-awareness on what quadrant we are residing.


      -Agile Leaders need to keep the balance to focus on all four areas

      -Too much focus on the right two quadrants (and none on the left) leads to disengagement and mechanical agile implementations

      -Too much emphasis on the left two-quadrant (and none on the right) leads to a lack of results and ambiguity

      What's Unique?

      I would extend this Wilber Model with a few practices that would help leaders to move from Impasse to Insights

      This workshop is 100% activity-oriented and will enhance awareness level in Leaders.

      A powerful tool help leaders to balance "I" vs "We" quadrant. Connect the "Vision" and "People" in an Enterprise.

    • Jeff Lopez-Stuit

      Jeff Lopez-Stuit - Outperforming Your Scrum Master Performance Appraisal

      45 Mins

      Although management experts have recommended to eliminate employee performance appraisals for over 40 years, they are a fact of life for many who work in traditional enterprises. For Scrum Masters and others that still have to live with them, this talk will help you learn how to use Scrum itself to prepare you to outperform any performance review, and to be able to deliver a stellar performance review in real time at any moment!

    • Alex Sloley

      Alex Sloley - Insight Coaching – Nonverbal Communication in Coaching

      45 Mins

      The craft of Agile Coaching fundamentally requires deep, insightful, meaningful communication. In everyday execution, this typically involves a coach and the coachees having a conversation, or dialog. However, there are other ways that an Agile Coach and their coachees can connect – nonverbal communication.

      Explore the different aspects of nonverbal communication in the domain of the Agile Coach! This workshop overviews nonverbal communication in Agile Coaching and provides a starting point for developing this critical skill.

    • Jerry Rajamoney
      Jerry Rajamoney
      Sr. Program Manager
      Visa Inc.
      schedule 1 year ago
      Sold Out!
      30 Mins
      Experience Report

      As an agilist, you all heard about the organizational transformation, leadership agility, etc. Also, you might be a change agent working as part of this adoption.

      Many people refer or point out to the Organization reinvented book as a reference as part of the agile adoption journey.

      Here is a true story of a small NGO, from the very southern part of India, in existence for the past 15+ years and serving humanity by doing a grassroots level change. They have shown the meaning of empowerment, self-managing and self-organizing in an absolutely different way.

      I want to talk about this group (though they have never heard of the agile movement, though the founder had a background of Software development).


      HARISH THAMPI S - Agility & Transformation - The other side of the Coin

      45 Mins

      Transformation has become the buzz word of the times with it spreading over various manifestations like agile, devops, business agility, organizations transformation etc. At the same time most transformation initiatives are driven in a global organizational and team environment.

      In a global environment, we look at scaling and standardization quite frequently. Organizations train everyone alike with same content, same philosophy, same tools, and standards yet we struggle in producing exceptional/uniform results that are sustainable. We see teams falling back to their old ways of working leaving a question on the transformation itself.

      Transformation is often seen as a series of changes in the way we work, the process rules, the way we are structured and several other things. However none of the changes mentioned above guarantees a transformation that is sustainable in delivering business value.

      In this talk, we explore

      • The possible areas to look at why often we fail in sustainable transformation
      • Even after a transformation exercise, why do organizations have to still deal with areas of accountability, commitment and ownership and delivery at cadence.
      • What really matters in a transformation exercise, are we focusing on the right things?
      • Essential ingredients for a sustainable transformation
    • Bhupal Rathod

      Bhupal Rathod - Orchestrating Business Transformation - What is your Connected Approach?

      45 Mins

      Are you a victim of Digital disruption? or Does your business disrupted by startup? or Do you want to disrupt your business models to create new offerings?

      Whatever could be the scenario, Disruption is de-facto business as usual in today's world. How do you embrace the disruption? You have two choices, either you embrace disruption or you become disrupter. Hence organization going through business transformation to remain in business. We will explore different transformation techniques, guiding principles, objectives for orchestrating and defining a successful Connected Approach for Business Transformation.