location_city Hyderabad schedule Jun 21st 12:00 - 12:45 PM place Technical Agility

Have you ever thought of refactoring your code? If yes, when was the last time you decided to refactor?

Did you give up because it was a legacy code?

This talk will explore the strategies and techniques to overcome the challenges or blockers faced during the refactoring of legacy code. These would be driven through an activity and practical tips based on our experience.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This talk has two parts, first (15 mins):

  1. Definition and importance of Refactoring
  2. Facts/Myths about refactoring

Second (30 mins):

Through an activity we apply different techniques to refactor code over multiple iterations. This would help understand how easy and simple it is to refactor.

Learning Outcome

  1. Don't be scared of Refactoring
  2. Refactoring is continuous activity.
  3. Techniques of refactoring

Target Audience

Developers, Dev Managers, Tech Leads, Scrum Master, Agile Coaches


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