Enhancing employee engagement with design thinking

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“What does a great employee experience look like from end to end?”

The customer experience is about the customer's perception of everything that happens when he or she interacts with our service.

The bitter reality is that most organizations are just focused on customer experience, ignoring their employees who should be at the center of this. This creates a disengaged employee base within an organization.

Similar to the customer experience, the employee experience is the employee’s perception of everything that happens when he or she interacts with our company. Seeing the world through the eyes of our employees is a first prerequisite to improving or designing a great employee experience - and creating a higher level of employee engagement.

Done well, design thinking for employee experience will promote a virtuous cycle, generating higher levels of employee satisfaction, greater engagement, and higher productivity for the company. And generating the higher level of employee engagement is a critical aspect of agile leadership.

Are you, as an agile leader, providing your employees with the most engaging experience to actively participate and improve how the entire organization moves toward agility?

P.S.: A study by employee engagement measurement platform CultureAmp shows a strong correlation between employee engagement scores and Glassdoor ratings (CultureAmp, 2019). If we compare the Glassdoor ratings of mature agile organizations to overall Glassdoor ratings, we see statistically significant and measurably increased ratings.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

5 min - Introduction

10 min - Example case-study on designing an employee experience

15 min - Workshop on employee empathy and journey map

10 min - Debriefing using WWW LS, Q&A, and closure.

Learning Outcome

Designing a productive and meaningful employee experience through design thinking that is compelling, enjoyable, and simple.

  • Design Thinking concepts and its applicability
  • Using Empathy Map and Journey Map tools of Design Thinking

Target Audience

Leaders concerned with employee experience and engagement.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Empathy for your employees and seeing the world through the eyes of your employees.


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      Any change fails predominantly because of 2 reasons – because it tries to change the way WE work; and because it tries to change the way I work.

      WE denote an organization – with all its culture and structures. And if any change interferes with the organization’s existing belief system itself, it treats that new change as a virus – as a threat to its existence and way of living – and kills it. Much like a bad organ transplant.

      But, there is also an equally, if not more, important “I” part… “How I work”. This is purely an individual decision. And these individuals, who are the most complex system within an organization. How people will respond to change is difficult to predict. It’s all about understanding the perspective of the people affected by the change.

      We need to transform how our brain thinks in order to transform how our organization works.