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Product backlog is a living artifact.. it grows, it changes, and it smells. The health of the backlog is crucial for the health of the Scrum team. Its hygiene can be sensed from how it smells. Oh wait! Do you know how to smell the backlog? Let's discover at this talk

This talk will highlight the different types of potential problems that can be found in the product backlog. Such issues remain largely invisible but their presence has an impact on the product delivery of the Agile teams. Most often, this may result in UNDONE software every sprint. Deteriorating quality can be attributed to the backlog smells. Myself and Ritesh Mehrotra will uncover different backlog smells, consequences and how to address them.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Myself and Ritesh Mehrotra will make audience to experience the following different backlog smells

  • Backlog hogwash
  • Solution backlog
  • Orphan backlog
  • Firm backlog
  • Clustered backlog

The consequences of such smells leads to

  • Reduced focus on backlog
  • Undone work in a sprint
  • Too much effort to prioritize
  • Solving wrong problem
  • False sense of completion

Learning Outcome

It will help the Scrum team to identify any such smells in their day to day work. Dev team and PO can work to avoid these patterns while refining the backlogs.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team Leads, Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of product backlog and working knowledge of scrum

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