Estimating dozens of stories in half an hour, impossible ? Not anymore.

If you’re tired of the Poker Planning, find estimation a pain, there is another way. If you are from the #noEstimate trend, you probably will find it to your liking too.

Where does it comes from?
Several years ago, a pair of Agile coaches lost an argument with an experienced agile developer. The guy hated Poker Planning : too slow, hard, boring, biased. And the managers will turn bad Fibonacci numbers to hard commitment on unrealistic deadlines. The reasoning was hard to beat. Still, the team had 90 epics to estimate for this new project.
So they looked for a ligher estimate technique, integrating facilitators principles, good practices from J.Rothman to "Predict the unpredictable". 
The ended up cooking a whole new recipe. No more protocol, no more poker cards, clean slate.

When they tried it, the team estimated the 90 epics in 20 minutes, and trusted the results. They couldn't believe it. 
So the workshop was tried on other teams, same speed. Other Agile practioners started to pick the technique for their own context and liked it so much they gave it a nickname : the eXtreme Estimate.

Be skeptical, mate, join the workshop and see for yourself. You will never want to do Poker Planning afterward.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Creste teams

eXtreme Estimate



Learning Outcome

A light minded technique to estimate collaboratively while better avoiding the human bias regarding numbers

Target Audience

Scrum Masters

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