Most Scrum Master trainings don't focus on the right skills. There, I said it. They are just general training about Agile.

When you start as a Scrum Master, you are usually off your comfort zone. You can't rely on technical skills. You can't use hierarchical authority anymore. No matter where you from, you are probably disoriented. We've all been there. I feel for you.
This session is about how to get you, new Scrum Master, to a safe zone as soon as possible. It comes from my personal experience, those of fellow coaches I worked with, and the feedbacks of the Scrum Masters I've been coaching over the last years.
We will focus on the actual useful skills to start with :
- facilitation techniques ;
- working with agile artefacts ;
- most common mistakes to avoid.
I hope to share them in the most practical manner, step by step, since that's what is needed when we learn something new (the Shu phase).
You come with me ?


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • facilitation basics on agile rituals
  • where to focus your attention
  • how to organize your agenda
  • how to find and assume the right posture
  • how to learn by yourself

(Order non definitive and structure may be subject to improvement)

Learning Outcome

  • actionable items
  • less stress or pressure
  • better clarity on your role

Target Audience

Scrum Masters

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